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Statistical Analysis of Sudan February 3, 2011

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In 2010, the GDP per capita for Sudan was estimated to be $2,200 and is ranked 187th in the world. 40% of the people live under the povery line.

Sudan has a growth rate of 2.497% and is ranked 31 out of 235 countries. The total population has a life expectancy of about 54.21 years. The literacy rate is 61%.

The unemployment rate for Sudan is 18.2% as of 2002. It is ranked 163rd.

Sudan’s export value is 9.7 billion due to its oil. Sudan exports oil and petroleum products; cotton, sesame, livestock, groundnuts, gum arabic, and sugar. The inflation rate is 11.8%.

Sudan faces major health problems due to AIDS in the region as well as the Darfur genocide. The living standards are filthy and penury is prevalent.


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