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Test Reflection Section 4 February 9, 2011

Filed under: Section 4 — priyanka821 @ 12:11 am

I am  pleased with my score for this test.  Section 4 was a struggle for me so I think I did very well on the final test. However, I still feel like I need to improve my organization because my paper was messy and at times hard to follow. I think I can avoid making this mistake in the future by using a few minutes in the beginning to plan the paper and write a short outline.

Thank you for the feedback and advice Ms. Q 🙂 !


One Response to “Test Reflection Section 4”

  1. Ms. Q Says:

    Glad you found the feedback helpful, Priyanka. Your writing showed how well you understood section 4. It’s worth investing in an outline to help you organize your ideas and convey them in a logical manner. Good luck with the rest of econ!

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