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Mock Exam Reflection April 4, 2011

Filed under: Section 5 — priyanka821 @ 1:07 am

I scored fairly well on my mock exam. However, I think that this was because the focus of the mocks was on sections 2 &3, and the sections I find difficult are section 4 & 5. I think I can ensure I do just as well on my real exam by studying sections 4 & 5 thoroughly instead of reviewing the other sections that I understand again and again.

I was pleased with my score but as pointed out on the paper, some of my answers were not relevant to the question. For example, I drew the Theory of the Firm diagrams for a question about price and cross elasticity of demand and that wasn’t really needed. I can improve my answers by focusing in on the question . I also think my scored could have been better if I had remembered to make real world references. I will review by focusing and reading about sections 4 &5.


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